Sunday, April 30, 2017

Clint's Luck: Everybody Loves a Winner

'I don't pretend to understand losers...Winners tell themselves, 
"I'm as bright as the next person. I can do it. Nothing can stop me."' 

- Clint Eastwood on why audiences like him playing a winner

While I'm not speeding through it like Arnold's Total Recall, I'm 500 pages into the "warts and all biography" on screen legend Clint Eastwood, The Life and Legend, by Patrick McGilligan. For the most part you gather that Clint likes to keep fit, pal around with macho dudes, changes friends and professional colleagues every few years, loves the ladies but never really wanted kids and really likes saving money. There's great and shocking stories aplenty like the time Clint ran his truck into a car parked in his space when there were another 5 open or the time he locked out live in ladyfriend Sandra Locke and put all her stuff into boxes in the driveway. She would sue him later and settle.

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