Monday, July 4, 2016

Workout of the Day: Weekend Warrior

For anyone who has ever fought for what they believed in or for a cause larger than themselves, Happy Independence Day. I'm fortunate enough to be able to relax for the three day weekend. With only a couple weeks until my Train with Zane session and then San Diego Comic-Con, I'm resolving to get in six workout sessions a week for three weeks straight. So far, so good. But my eating could use a little cleaning up as happy hour, fast food and the like are still prevalent...

For the weekend it's been a mix of weights and cardio to keep the muscles pumped as well as burn some extra calories. On Saturday it was Shoulders and Arms at the complex gym:

1) Dumbbell Press/Cheat Curls/Pullover & Press
2) Rear DB Raise/Reverse Incline DB Curl/Cable Kickback
3) DB Upright Row/Concentration Curl/DB Side Extension
4) Lying Side Raise/Reverse Curl/Cable Pushdown

Each Tri-Set repeated for three sets between 8-12 reps, non-stop. Followed by intervals on the Elliptical machine interspersed with Frog Crunches. On Sunday it was off to the gym for Legs:

1) Parallel Grip Deadlift/Leg Press
2) Leg Extensions/Leg Curls
3) Seated Calf Raise

Each superset I repeated 5 times, increasing weight and decreasing reps each set. Afterwards I rowed 400 meters followed by trunk twists 5 times.

Today I felt like getting in a little more cardio so I popped on Bas Rutten's shadow boxing CD, shadow striking for 2 minutes followed by 100 jump rope skips. After 2 rounds of moving around the room, it was 5 rounds with the 16 oz gloves on the bag. Dripping a sweat, I wrapped up with a few more minutes of jump roping and called it a day.

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