Friday, July 1, 2016

Gotta Eat! Burger King's Mac n' Cheetos

After First Blood, Q&A and catching up with my Dammaged Goods folks, I was a starving Marvin. My Uber driver Dimitry was from Russia proper and told me how popular Stallone and Arnold were in his home country. And on top of being a huge action movie fan, Dmitry's first film in a theater (an illegal one at that) was Stallone's Cobra! Along with action movies, apparently rock n' roll and jeans did more than anything else to help westernize the east. Already after 11:00 PM but I hadn't eaten since about 3:00 so threw training and clean living out the window as I pulled up to Burger King. I gotta tell you, BK has it going on right now. 2 for $5 sammiches, 2 Whopper Meals for $10, $1.49 chicken nuggets and their latest piece of ammunition in the fast food wars, Mac n' Cheeto's! Basically it's just fried macaroni and cheese dusted with Cheeto's orange cheesey goodness. And I gotta say, they were delicious. Way better than 7-11's Dorito covered bites as well as McDonald's mozzarella sticks. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside but surprisingly not overwhelmingly cheesy.

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