Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gotta Eat & Drank! Sambar

On Thursday night we hit Culver City for some happy hour and latest X-Men flick, Apocalypse. Since moving to the west side, we've slowly discovered some cool and favorite spots around the Marina Del Rey and Culver City area. Downtown Culver City is quite beautiful with classic architecture and a bevy of spots to eat and drank like Rush Street, Honey Kettle Fried Chicken, Lyfe Kitchen, City Tavern, The Culver Hotel and Coldstone for dessert. That also brings people in so finding a seat can get tricky if you don't time it right. There's plenty of places to check out but we were running late and missed Happy Hour at several joints, one ended at 5:45 PM, what the f*ck...Across the street from the Arclight is Sambar, a beautifully built Thai and Indian infused restaurant. It felt pretty classy but service was very friendly as we sidled up to the bar and ordered cocktails, lamb meatballs, spicy calamari, bacon and cheese naan and chicken masala. The bartender was whipping up some test cocktails and gave us one to try, it was smooth and tasty. The food was all excellent, very light, well spiced and flavorful. Full, slightly buzzed and happy, we made our way to the theater. Sambar's Happy Hour runs 4:00 - 7:00 PM Tuesday to Sunday and we'll definitely be back.

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