Sunday, April 3, 2016

Con-Man: Hotel Life

This Tuesday is the Comic-Con International hotel room request lottery. Starting at 6:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time, hopeful hotel guests will be put into a waiting room where they'll try to lock up a room during San Diego Comic-Con from their top 6 choices. While we get a condo, I know plenty of people who rely on the hotel lottery. So here's a guest post from my Con-rade over at High Phalanges, Annemarie:

"I get more anxious about the hotel sale than I do about the badge sales. It’s so bad that I have nightmares about the sale. It’s one thing not to get a badge to SDCC, but to get a badge and NOT have a place to stay would be THE WORST. Also, everyone and their freaking mothers wants that golden egg of a hotel room: the prestigious Omni, the peaceful ocean views of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, the trendy Hard Rock Hotel, and so on."

"Every year over a hundred thousand people compete for a limited number of rooms sold in the SDCC Hotel Sale, and every year there is excitement, disappointment, bargaining with higher powers, and, if you’re like me, lots of coffee and alcohol. It’s a messy process that starts with staring at a clock, clicking the link when it’s time, and filling out a tedious form...and this is all done in record time (because you have been preparing for this moment all year and the first people always get the best hotel choices). And then the waiting begins. This is a three day window in which one waits to find out if they got one of their six hotel choices and if not, then they hope they got a decent hotel in hotel circle."

Check out the rest of her thoughts at High Phalanges and good luck!

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