Monday, March 21, 2016

Malibu! Wine Safari

30 minutes up the road from The Getty Villa is another hidden gem, Malibu Wine Safaris were you ride a truck, hang out with animals and drink wine. I had heard about the family run business somewhere, I believe a friend went and Clint Eastwood was there. But most people on our tour, including a large female birthday party, heard about it from a reality show featuring a famous family. ABC News was doing a segment and we waved to the camera. It wasn't hot but the sun was out so I'm glad I plied sunscreen.

At 90-120 minutes a tour, you don't really make that many stops but you end up spending time at each. There are multiple opportunities to interact with animals, you can feed and pet horses, water buffalo, llamas and more while zebras and camels aren't as friendly. There are several areas to the estate surrounding Saddle Rock where you can hold a wedding ($6-$12 grand) and even land a helicopter (LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have). There are plenty of photo opportunities as you're up high and can see for miles. At the first wine stop near the vineyards, you sample three types of white wine. While towards the end you're in a former camping ground with Airstream trailers and the van from Little Miss Sunshine along with red wine and crackers. Near the main house you get to hang out with the local giraffe and see camels, turtles, peacocks and ostriches. While the giraffe looks cute, it totally face smashed my friend and head butted me. And it hurt!

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