Monday, March 21, 2016

Malibu! The Getty

On Friday morning it was up the 405 and Pacific Coast Highway for a little culture at The Getty Villa. Paid for by oil and a passion for the arts, The Getty is free but requires reservations. Luckily they had some extra tickets for us and we got in with a $15 parking fee. It's beautifully built and meant to evoke an Italian villa from ancient times. The cafe was surprisingly excellent with a killer breakfast burrito. Walking around the tranquil gardens and exhibits, you can't help but think of Spartacus or Julius Caesar.

There's several exhibits based around mythological heroes like Hercules complete with a statue of the demi-god missing his junk. One peculiar touch was that there were busts of men and women all over the grounds depicting possible inhabitants of the era, not actual people. And they had eyes which just made them look creepy. There are guided tours along with a 12 minute video that gives you the history of the former residence turned art and architecture paradise just minutes outside of Los Angeles.

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