Friday, January 8, 2016

Van Dammage: New Year

It feels a bit surreal that I met my unofficial official life coach Jean-Claude Van Damme a couple of weeks ago. On New Years Eve a friend texted to tell me that I was on his Instagram, the popular app where people share photos and stories owned by massive social network Facebook. I'm not active on the platform at all but there I was, chilling in black and white with the Muscles From Brussels himself. It was a nice surprise that softened the blow of dropping several several dollars on my car for repairs. Sitting back with a Jameson Mule I pulled out the Sheldon Lettich signed Double Impact promotional flyer to put alongside my personalized photo of JCVD for a nice social media moment to ring in 2016. While a television show with Ridley Scott is in the works and the proposed Antwerp heist flick seemingly on hold, Mr. Van Damme was last seen riding a hoverboard and cleaning up the house.

Happy New Year, let's keep keeping it #MEGAPOSITIVE.

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