Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Van Dammage: Billion Trailer

"So every time you do something, 
you multiply by 8 billion,
and think what it will do to the planet! 
Show my trailer! I love you so much."

Jean-Claude Van Damme on saving the world

Holy shit Jean-Claude Van Damme is awesome. He was recently in the UK for a special black tie event where the Muscles From Brussels talked about his incredible journey through life, took questions and met the fans along with a multiple course dinner and auction of memorabilia.  Word was that JCVD veered away from the typical inspirational stories of his Hollywood career and opted to try and share bits of worldly wisdom from his up and down, rock and roll life. While Van Damme's blend of simple logic meets seemingly incomprehensible philosophical garble can be confusing to the uninitiated, he's one of the most eloquent, funny and smart (versus intelligent) speakers out there. What he says just makes sense while making you reflect. Like his view of being envious versus jealous as one is like looking around you but the other is akin to staring in a rear view mirror and not seeing what's happening in front of you. Or not eating too much meat because animals have eyes and eyes mean they have a soul. Fantastic stuff. On the professional front, a reteaming with Pound of Flesh producer Kirk Shaw and director Ernie Barbarash for an Antwerp set heist flick is in the works as is a potential weekly series for Ridley Scott where Van Damme would play a movie star moonlighting as a spy.

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