Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Con-Man: Comikaze 2015

After the awards gala Friday night, we had no time to rest on Saturday as it was off to downtown Los Angeles for Comikaze and the west coast premiere of Live-Evil! I would have taken an Uber but we had a bunch of promo stuff to carry and ended up parking in some random, semi-sketchy lot a couple blocks from the convention center. While waiting for a light, we saw none other than JIM LEE strolling by with not a person stopping him. Inside, I'm sure people waited hours get his autograph or shake his hand. I've run into the dude a few times at shows and he comes off as a chill dude you're happy to support. The show was split up a little this year as another event was taking up much of the main exhibit hall. So instead of one giant floor you had one section with the Main Stage and celebs while the West Hall housed Artist Alley and most of your exhibitors hocking comics, swag and the like. I was hoping to grab some comics or old Cinefantastiques but sadly came up short. We ran into several con friends and quickly caught up with Mike from the Raw Studios booth. The Main Stage had awesome guests like Stan and Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlane. Walking around the "celeb" side Manu Bennett was not at his booth but Summer Glau had a nice line waiting.

Being Halloween there were tons of people in costume with a few Jack Frosts and John Snows, a handful of Daredevils and a surprising amount of Mad Max: Fury Road group players. It was a while before we saw our first Deadpool but once you see one, there's two more behind them. There was a nice mix of exhibitors selling comics, toys, Funko's and whatnot and I picked up the show exclusive U.S. Agent figure. One thing I noticed was how many frigging monthly subscription box things are out there now. You know like Loot Crate and Marvel Monthly Membership something something... With our panel looming I didn't get to walk the floor as much as I had liked but Comikaze always puts on a good show and happy to see Los Angeles' local show not slowing down.

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