Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Workout of the Day: Traveling Man

After that late night and awesome meal from Wendy's, of course I took advantage of the hotel gym in the morning. It was actually a pretty well equipped space with dumbbells, a cable/chin station, several benches and multiple cardio options. I went basic for Chest and Biceps with:

- Chins and Push Ups
- Incline DB Press and Zane Incline Curls
- DB Flys and Concentration Curls
- DB Pullover and Hammer Curls

In general went for 12/10/8 for reps to get a nice pump. Finished off with some forearms and Standing Calf Raises, using the foot of the bench and holding a Dumbbell in my hand before a few minutes on the Elliptical.

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