Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tell Me a Question: Julian Kabab & Flashgap

Covering The PEACE Fund Celebrity Poker Tournament provided a unique opportunity, the chance to throw some questions at Julian Kabab, the French, 24 year old CEO of Flashgap. Like a reverse Snapchat, photos and videos appear for 3 seconds then are available again the next day at noon so you can relive the event. Inspired by The Hangover, when the friends find a digital camera that houses evidence of their debauchery filled night, Flashgap looks to bring the fun back from a night out. Their motto: Together. For better or for worse.

You're young and driven but how long were you debating creating Flashgap? Did anything push you to just go for it?

The decision to create Flashgap was the fastest in the entire process. But I spent a lot of time searching for the right persons with whom I wanted to build it. I've always known I wanted to launch my company and build a product people would really enjoy using.

Flashgap started with you and your friends wearing GoPros all night and evolved into quick videos and snaps. How did you whittle down the essence of what the application currently is?

The important thing about the insight isn't the GoPros strapped to our foreheads for our nights out but the mornings during which we woke up in the same apartment and discovered all together what happened last night. Laughter and jokes are stronger after the event then when you are actually living it.

The app started in France but is now available in America. Were there any major differences between users or their settings?

We haven't really noticed. People use the app in many different ways. My favorite user case scenario is the one of using it at a distance. When our users party in London and have friends based in L.A., they can create a Flashgap together to discover what both groups did.

You were inspired by The Hangover, any other movies sparking a future creation?

Minority Report ;)

Thanks to Julian Kabab for chatting, check out Flashgap HERE and get ready for yesterday.

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