Monday, October 26, 2015

Gotta Party! Casetify Launch

Our downtown weekend started off Saturday with what was the worst Lyft I've ever had. I'm usually an Uber guy but it was already Surge pricing. Maybe the extra money would have been worth it as our driver was three days in, was surprised I asked for some AC in the 90 degree weather and had no clue where they were going, even with GPS. After missing a turn I ended up giving them directions to our destination. You see, we took a car service because driving downtown on a Saturday night is a mess; it's crowded, parking can be sparse and we'd be drinking so it was time to be responsible. Yet we paid for a service and instead of sitting back and relaxing, I was on edge the entire time, telling them where to go and sweating from the intermittently working AC. I had to let that go though so it wouldn't ruin my evening which was immediately helped by some pizza and whiskey. After that we walked over to Poketo, a high end, mini-Urban Outfitters style shop next to barcade 82 and sausage joint Wurstkuche for the Casetify Launch Party thrown by a friend.

Casetify specializes in custom cases for your Apple phone, pad and watch along with Android products. They've recruited the likes of Hilary Duff, Snoop Dog and the like for campaigns and apparently, business is booming. California Donuts, Salt & Straw Ice Cream, Press Brothers Juicery, Longshot Coffee and ROK Drinks were all on hand to shell out food and dranks. We imbibed a quite tasty malt liquor beverage with a Rose flavor but blackout inducing Four Loko level alcohol it was not. Salt & Straw's brownie ice cream was delicious, highly recommended. Inside, phone cases and watch straps lined the walls and the place was a hopping. Many thanks for the invite, Casetify and here's to your continued success! Of course the party didn't stop there as we headed back to Little Tokyo and stopped in at Spitz for some Jameson but the Doner Kebab spot has some amazing french fries too boot.

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