Monday, September 28, 2015

Support This! PEACE Fund Celebrity Poker Tournament

Ever since starting this ol' blog/online journal experiment, I've gotten to meet some of my cinematic heroes, attend conventions as press, set up a premiere, got invited to a premiere and now I can add cover a Celebrity Poker Tournament to the list. This past Saturday, The PEACE Fund hosted their 2nd Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament at Microsoft's swanky Playa Vista office where the likes of Adrian Paul, Carl Weathers and Lou Diamond Phillips stacked chips for charity. The PEACE Fund "focuses on small, under-funded and hard-working charities who are determined to make a positive difference to the lives of children living in extraordinary difficult circumstances". Last year the group teamed up with Wells Bring Hope and raised enough money to pay for two wells in West Africa where clean water is limited.

We arrived after the red carpet event but the tournament was in full swing and the playing room packed. I spotted host and founder Adrian Paul from Highlander nearly right away who was alternating hands of poker and speaking to guests, caught up briefly with The Carl Weathers, he's a great guy and I'm excited to see him pop up on new show The Colony. Glancing around the player's room I was looking for Patrick Kilpatrick from Best of the Best II, Death Warrant and Minority Report but didn't see him. Lou Diamond Philips was looking very into his game while Mekhi Phifer was just chilling outside taking a call. Sometimes I wonder how I end up munching on Doritos, sipping a cider (Rekorderlig from Sweden, delicious!), surrounded by all these people but hey, it was a fun time for a good cause. Find out more or donate HERE. Until next time, flop the river on the turn something something!

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