Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Busted! Manu Bennett

On Sunday night, word started to spread that Spartacus, The Hobbit and Arrow actor Manu Bennett was arrested in San Antonio, Texas and charged with misdemeanor assault. In town for the Alamo City Comic Con, Bennett was apparently arrested at 6:00 AM after punching an unknown 29 year old male in the face at 4:30 AM. Details have been sparse but Bennett was released later in the day. We've seen the formerly New Zealand based actor at a couple of shows and he always seems gracious, honest and genuinely cool. He's also a very physical actor, playing action oriented roles his whole career in The Marine, The Condemned and especially Spartacus where his top gladiator turned slave leader Crixus was a fan favorite. Candid in a way that is lacking by most of Hollywood, Bennett has never minced words at the politics of white leading men or had any reservations of calling out other actors like Jean-Claude Van Damme, who dropped out of a flick last minute that Bennett was co-starring in and spent months preparing. I can only imagine this was the result of a night and early morning of alcohol infused shenanigans and just goes to show you that not much good can happen if you're out til 4:30 AM. Allegedly, Bennett was asked to leave a hotel party after drinking too much then punched the unknown man in the face on his way out. Here's hoping the incident serves as a wake up call and we see more of the guy soon.

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