Monday, August 17, 2015

Workout of the Day: Disney Daze

Being a Con weekend, I knew my eating habits weren't going to be great with fast food, restaurants and Jameson Mules being the main sources of sustenance. But we'd be walking a good 5 miles a day and I opted to use the DoubleTree's small yet good enough hotel gym for a couple of early morning, empty stomach circuits. We wouldn't be headed to the show until 10:00 AM anyway so there was no reason not to get in a quick workout.

On Saturday I alternated between air squats (w/ medicine ball overhead) then lunges with 2-3 minutes of intervals on the Elliptical machine. 6 rounds later I felt ready to face the day of walking, crowds, heat, Carl's Jr., Outback Steakhouse and Saloon fare from The Ranch Restaurant.

Sunday I trained my neglected shoulders with a quick circuit consisting of Chins Ups, Push Ups, Handstand Push Ups and Cable Raises for the side and rear delts. Between each giant set I jump roped for 2-3 minutes. Feeling pumped, it was off to the hotel breakfast buffet, Taco Bell and Boardner's for Happy Hour. Time to air out a bit this week and eat some greens, keep lifting!

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