Friday, June 19, 2015

You're(not) Terminated! Oak and Biehn Round Up

Terminator: Genisys opens in a couple of weeks and the promotion machine is in full swing. Trailers, TV spots and billboards are all over the place while master promoter Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the public eye. A great video showing him in T-800 costume walking around Hollywood and posing as a wax statue at Maddam Tussaud's is hilarious and shows you just how social media savvy the guy is. Then there's the awesome tie-in with Wendy's with their Baconator, Spicenator and Chickenator sammiches that I'll be sure to partake in. "Don't bump my selfie stick."

With 1984's The Terminator just being re-released, the original Kyle Reese himself Michael Biehn talked to Total Film about the low budget flick that became a classic, how James Cameron's movie has jumped generations and his thoughts on co-star Linda Hamilton.

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