Thursday, June 4, 2015

Workout of the Day: Van Damme's Heart & Swole

Van Damme is back! Professionally, physically and mentally at least. New movie Pound of Flesh hit theaters and VOD in May, he's in the best shape of recent years and his impending divorce has now been called off. Speaking with TMZ on a near regular basis outside Gold's Gym, Van Damme has discussed life, love and lifting in some great videos.

"Divorce is a word and love is a feeling." Hoping to keep the family strong, support the children and cut down on the world's divorce rate, Jean-Claude and 3rd/5th wife Gladys have decided to work things out. Former bodybuilder Gladys has always been the rock in Van Damme's life, a saint in the eyes of his family and friends.

"Some people take medication, some people go the gym." Of course our man Van has always been an inspiration physically speaking and it's great to see him in terrific shape. Hopefully for a new action packed movie. Training at the legendary Gold's Gym in Venice, Van Damme is looking ripped, vascular and statuesque. Having long advocated a near vegetarian eating plan with lots of vegetables, fruit, pasta and bread, Van Damme eats meat very rarely as animals have eyes hence they have a soul. In terms of reps, JCVD talks light weight and high reps. Like 4 sets of 25 high. Van Damme has always been a very methodical lifter, making each repetition count with slow form and total concentration of exercises like Dumbbell Preacher Curls, Side Lateral Raises, Machine Rows, Shoulder Press and Dumbbell Triceps extensions.

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