Monday, June 1, 2015

Motivate Monday: Shia LaBeouf & Jean-Claude Van Damme

It's Monday and it happens to be the first of June. While still a little gloomy in Los Angeles (May gray, June gloom) there's no chance of a case of the Mondays over here. Refreshed from the long Memorial Day weekend and headed for the Conan double feature, July 4th for Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con the following week, there's always something to look forward work towards. Here's a couple clips to keep you going.

The first features one Shia LaBeouf, the often troubled but talented actor who has made movies with the likes of Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay while seemingly losing his mind. A hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel explained one of his wild nights out that included traveling internationally, soccer, whiskey, cabaret, grabbing Alan Cummings' ass and being given an Egg McMuffin in jail after being arrested. Here he is getting you pumped up:

Next up is one Jean-Claude Van Damme who will be speaking at the Global Business Forum in Kazakhstan in November. In typical fashion, Van Damme is open, honest and in crazy shape:

Remember when these two were on Jay Leno and it was kind of weirdly awesome? Great times. Now get out there and kick your Monday in the face! Shia, JCVD and I believe in you!

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