Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Van Dammage: Pain Sweat

"But I put myself into a mode of sweating profusely and it was cool. 
It was a good experience. It was painful." 
Jean-Claude Van Damme

The Van Damme media train keeps on chugging along with Red Carpet interviews, e-mail chats and an appearance on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show. Here are some highlights from the week:

- "If you play comedy, it’s the best because it’s no ego, you know.  Like, for example, in an action movie….Expandable, they all want to look better than the other because it’s about action, testosterone  and all that shit. So comedy, more goofy and stupid you are , more you’re winning the case.  And then the crew they have fun.  The lunch is about fun." 

- Our friends over at The Action Elite got to chat with the man in person after the PoF premiere.

- "If you don't I will beat you down...and guess what...he wasn't lying" - Charlie Sheen on at first refusing then accepting a pair of perhaps solid gold sunglasses from JCVD after working together on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Ummet Ozcan's The Hum music video. Apparently the two had run into one another back in the 90's at several Planet Hollywood openings but never bonded until having a great time on the recent set. Since then the two have become pals.

- On nutrition:
"Training is very important because…Sometimes I smoke a stogie. I don’t drink anymore because there’s nothing to gain in drinking. It’s pure sugar and it makes you think differently.
Everybody can go to the gym. Everybody can lose weight. You have to eat 6-7 times a day. You’re only going to retain only 30 percent of fat and the body will eliminate about 70 percent of fat. If you eat 2-3 meals a day, you eat a lot and the body knows that you will not eat the next hour, so the body will retain 70 percent of fat and will let go 30 percent of fat. I just want to tell the audience that everything is possible with knowledge."

- On Monday night, Van Damme trended on Facebook and the internet after recreating his hilarious drunk dancing and fighting from Kickboxer on Conan. Van Damme had some fun appearances on Conan's show in the 90's and this time out, the silly factor was cranked to 11. Van Damme helped Conan stretch out, talked PoF, the new Kickboxer film and then beat up some stunt guys while showing off his swole-ness, dance moves and a roundhouse kick.

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