Sunday, April 12, 2015

Workout of the Day: On the Road Again

Another weekend, another convention. With WonderCon being in our backyard down in Anaheim we could pack a few snacks and dranks like Jack Daniels, Crabbie's Ginger Beer, Hershey Chocolate covered Marshmallow Eggs, mini Cadbury Eggs, cookies and more. It's Easter right? Saturday started with a workout at the Red Lion's pretty decent hotel gym where I got in:

Dumbbell Clean & Press/Chins/DB Bench Press
Concentration Curl/Cable Pushdown/Seated Cable Row
DB Lying Extension/Side Raises/Seated DB Curl
Zottman Curl and Seated Calf Raises

                            Each tri-set was done 3 times to get that total body pump.

For calves, just prop up the end of a flat bench, put some dumbbells on your knees and work those calves! A mile on the Elliptical machine followed by 8 flights of stairs made me feel marginally better about the less than stellar meals and dranks to be had throughout the weekend. Before heading over I swung by Subway for at least one light meal with roughage for the day where they had Hulk branded Doritos Jacked 3D?. Remember when Hulk came out in 2003? Tie-ins for pudding, pens, popcorn, pop and so much more was everywhere! Then the movie hit and didn't do so hot...ah well, I liked it.

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