Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gotta Drank(& Eat)! Unicorn and The Comet Tavern

Wrapped up Saturday night in Seattle with a trip up to Capitol Hill, an area not far from downtown but said to be the "New York" section with lots of dive bars, ethnic food and new-modern art blah blah blah along with plenty of neon lights illuminating the hilly streets. I'd been searching for a solid Barcade to visit and while Shorty's was nice, it was also pinball. Unicorn was a must stop as it was touted as a Coney Island meets Carnival joint complete with food named after balls and drinks named after jizz. Plus they had arcade games the website said. Place was pretty chill, nice service, lots of crazy crap on the walls like a million stuffed animal heads and a funny themed drank and eats menu. Their Moscow Mules were sadly not very good though, the muddled lime overtook the drank. We got some Apple Pie something or other shots after which were delicious. We got the Unicorn as well as Narwhal Balls which were basically potatoes or meat deep fried served with cheese sauce, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. The stuffed burger was excellent as well. Downstairs are a handful of games, mostly 80's style like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Frogger along with an unplugged Tron machine, skee-ball, pinball and a claw machine filled with sex toys.

We debated heading to yet another arcade but it was just far enough we didn't wanna walk or feel like taking a 5 minute Uber since it had already been a long day. I wanted some 90's fighting, brawling, button mashers, Damme it! Next time... Down the street though was The Comet Tavern, a nice neighborhood joint that loudly announced they were anti racist, homophobic and other things people use to label each other. The mascot was a comic strip looking dude who loves you all. We reverted back to ginger beer and Jameson and took in the place that had pinball and pool. Chill spot and there was a dude in an Ohio sweatshirt randomly.

I don't recall seeing the deep fried burger on the menu?!

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