Wednesday, March 25, 2015

(Pre)Con-Man: Emerald City Comicon 2015

Taking off for Seattle tomorrow via Virgin America for the annual Emerald City Comicon! This was one of three out of state shows we attended last year and the only one we're headed back to. Con hotel rates downtown were stupid cheap, costing nearly a third of what I paid during a work trip a few months ago. Not only excited for the show but also for hanging out in Seattle. It's a cool city that I'd totally live in if it weren't for the rain and gloom. Anywho, latest story out of ECCC is the slew of cancellations. Due to shooting commitments and whatnot, the likes of Dante Basco (Rufio!), Karen Allen, Morena Baccarin, LeVar Burton and Brandon Routh have had to drop out. You still have the likes of Curtis Armstrong, Hayley Atwell, Michael Bell, Anthony's Daniels and Mackie, Stan Lee and John Wesley Shipp attending so we're still in great shape. A few people be complaining but hey, cancellations are just part of the game. Then someone tried to say Salt Lake City's show was better than Emerald City. Having gone to both last year and experienced some major bullsh!t at SLC, I'm going back to ECCC this year and not SLC so what does that tell you? Sure it's a little confusing with the show utilizing half a dozen floors and areas in the Washington State Convention Center but that's not the worst problem to have...

Friday looks to be the more interesting day for me panel wise with spotlights on how to make some bucks or a living with fandom and self published comics, pitching and writing, history of Valiant and focuses on Atwell and Shipp along with looks at Udon and a new documentary about daily comics, Stripped. Saturday has some interesting stuff like Fight Club 2, Image Comics, Anthony Daniels, Will Eisner's The Spirit then writing and designing video games. We're taking off Sunday morning and will sadly miss panels on Kevin Eastman, Funko's, Michael Bell and Stan Lee...Outside the show the ECCC Cinema Series welcomed Michael Biehn, Alan Tudyk and Karl Urban for special screenings of The Terminator, Serenity and Dredd. But this year cancellations have struck two of the three shows as Karen Allen was to attend Raiders of the Lost Ark and Brandon Routh for Scott Pilgrim VS the World. Stan Lee is on deck for The Avengers which sold out quick. I wish they'd add another night... There's parties galore featuring video games and cosplay, the guy who plays Hodor DJ'ing and a laser light show set to the soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy. Board, card and arcade games will be hosted at the show and I've already searched for a local barcade to add to my list. Last year we checked out sky high dining and drinking joint Rview but sadly it has closed. Did a search for Seattle's best Moscow Mules and have some options to check out. See you in Seattle!

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