Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chrono Trigger Wednesday

Oh man, apparently SNES classic action RPG video game Chrono Trigger was released on this day in 1995. Takes me back to sitting on the floor in my room in the late 90's and early 2000's, listening to Oasis' Be Here Now on my sweet 3-Disk CD Changer. Starting off as spiky haired Chrono and getting mixed up with a bratty princess, a cute nerd, a hot cave chick, a loyal robot and a tragic stricken frog jumping across time and space, Chrono Trigger was just the shit. It had an awesomely grand soundtrack and took you from quaint villages to dank caves and lush jungles fighting monsters, dinosaurs and other crazy creatures with swords, ray guns and magic spells. It didn't seem as daunting as Final Fantasy as it wasn't part 27 but shared the same Active Time Battle system where you'd square off and select your attacks. This was a step up for me as Square's previously released and played a ton at my house, The Secret of Mana was more of an action RPG where you just walked up and slashed the shit out of your enemy or charged up and super slashed the shit out of them.

Creators from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball joined to develop the game in 1992. It was released in 1995 to rave reviews and sold over 3 million copies across several platforms. Pseudo-sequel Chrono Cross was released in 1999 but seems to be in name and theme only without our red spiky haired young hero and his friends included. In 2008, Nintendo released an updated version on the DS. You can now play it on your mobile phone as well. True sequel Chrono Break was discussed back in the early 2000's but never came to fruition. Recently, Chrono has come back into my life as 8-bit magnets at various conventions.

Phew, 12 endings, not sure I got to many of these...

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