Monday, February 2, 2015

Workout of the Day: Etiquette

Before we get into today's workout, let's talk about gym etiquette.  For me, it's a public space so there are certain guidelines that will help everybody have a better workout.  It's simple things really like if you're not using a piece of equipment, don't sit on it.  If you need to have your phone, water and towel nearby, don't set it down on a bench that someone else could actually be using for a set.  Don't have a towel?  Wipe down surfaces your nasty sweaty ass touches. And do you know why benches tear and need replaced?  Because people are too weak to pick up dumbbells and barbells from the floor or rack and put them on the bench instead.  A big one for me is not standing in front of a rack of dumbbells while you check yourself out doing curls or shoulder raises.  There's 10 sets of DB's on a rack and if you stand in front of it, you're theoretically blocking 5-9 people from doing something.  Just take a step back and if you're too weak to hold the bells for that extra two steps, lighten the weight.

Happened to me Saturday, twice!  The first guy in my way was told by his trainer to step back, cool, maybe you just don't know any better.  Second time a guy was blocking the rack he didn't even take weights from so I just moseyed over and replaced my dumbbell to which he tried to get smart and I told him to step back from the rack.  Then he tried to joke with me like I was his friend.  I'm not your friend, pal.  I'm just here to workout and leave, not talk about golf like he ended up doing with some other don'ters.

"No pool. No chrome. No music. Just iron" was a slogan of Vince's Gym. Times have changed, sigh...

Anywho, after just over a month of Vince Gironda style training, I felt it was time to change it up.  The Iron Guru's Rut Buster sessions have really kicked my behind but they just wore me out and I was starting to chafe mentally.  That means it's time to switch gears so I went back to one of my old standby routines, Circuit Training.  I started the routine off with Kettlebell Swings to get my whole body working before going into Chest and Biceps.

Kettlebell Swings - 45, 55, 65lbs
Close Grip Chin - 10-12 reps, new hand position per set
Incline Push Up - 35 reps, changing hand position per set
DB Concentration Curl - 35, 40, 45lbs, when I couldn't complete a rep I'd do a half then an assisted full
Decline DB fly - 30, 35, 40 lbs in the 10-12 rep range to slab up the ol' chest
Low Incline DB Curl - 25, 30, 40 lbs, I like these because it really takes the front deltoids out and helps tie in
DB Pullover - 50, 55, 60lbs, just one of my favorites for chest
Reverse Drag Curl - Keeping barbell as close to my body as possible got my forearms and bi's pumped
Larry Scott Laterals - One delt exercise where you raise to the side then move to front, then raise all the way up, then do regular reps, 4 of each makes a set and will have your shoulders screaming

That's 9 exercises done 3 x each for 27 sets.  With the Rut Buster I'd usually be too tired for cardio afterwards but with a Circuit you're keeping it a bit cardio already with the pace and variation.  I could blast through this routine in under 40 minutes so I added in some forearm, neck and calves before hitting the rowing machine and stationary bike.

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