Friday, February 13, 2015

Gotta Drank! Pops

Driving up from Austin we passed several interesting billboards for roadside attractions. The first to catch my eye was for a Lazer Tag joint with 100 arcade games. With dreams of finding the G.I. Joe arcade game or some other rarity, I promptly pulled off at the designated exit to find no signs of the establishment. A quick Yelp search told me the place was actually 33 miles off the highway! Ain't nobody got time for that! Back on the road closer to OKC I caught a glimpse of another potentially awesome stop, an Action Figure Museum! But already being burned and trying to make time, we drove on by. Next time...

Easier to find was Pops, just off the highway in Edmond and located on the historic Route 66 past the beautiful Arcadia Lake. A giant, 66-foot tall soda bottle and straw beckons you to visit the sleek gas station/shop/restaurant. Apparently it lights up at night. Inside are over 600 kinds of bottled pops or sodas for you to choose from. We're talking several rows each for root beer, black cherry cola, ginger ale and the like. I even spotted old standbys Moxie and extra caffeinated Jolt! The restaurant serves up burgers, fries and shakes with a gorgeous patio outside to soak up the sun. Easy to get to, not overly crowded and totally serene, it was a nice reminder that it's the simple things that are best in life.

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