Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chief Goods: Chasing Yesterday

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' new album, Chasing Yesterday, drops next week. With festival appearances and a world tour in the wings, it's been a welcome rush of interviews and Gallagher related soundbites. I've been listening to Chasing Yesterday daily for the last two weeks so how does it stack up in the solo Gallagher legacy? Pretty good I must say. My first listens it was hit and miss. One song was a bit meandering (nowhere near the levels of Beady Eye's sophomore release) or 60's mod that made me think I was watching Ocean's 11. Then the next song would be uptempo, ethereal and easy to get stuck in the brain. Personal highlights:

In the Heat of the Moment, first song released months back, still great, still rocking. Catchy and easily repeatable. Talking about cracking whips, being at his side, not letting go and other pseudo lovey dovey jazz.

Lock All the Doors, off and running from the first second, it sounds like another song I can't quite put my finger on or maybe I've just listened to a lot of Noel demos and it's all blending together...Nice upbeat charger though, what I expect or enjoy most from Noel.

The Dying of the Light & The Right Stuff, middle album paunch, just deliberately paced talking about streets paved with gold, no time to get out, it'll be alright if you dance with me tonight, etc. Kinda dreamy and out there. Right Stuff same thing, slow starter with sexy saxophone out of nowhere and then some piano, horns, drums, guitars, etc. Kinda wonder where these songs are going.

You Know We Can't Go Back, arguably my favorite track off the album. Just a here we go, off and moving long song about stuff being all right and you know we can't go back, taking you to a one horse town, running away, sun's out, the wind's in your hair, grab your gal (or guy) and just go. Love this song.

Ballad of the Mighty I, another upbeat, just gets moving tune, kinda sounds like a break up song.

In typical fashion, Noel leaves perfectly excellent song, Do the Damage off the album. A great charging, moody track about dreams and people dragging you down but not stopping the power of love.

Overall a great listen with several songs that get stuck in my head. Will have to try and score concert tix on Craigslist closer to his Los Angeles date.

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