Monday, January 26, 2015

Van Dammage: American Man

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a citizen of the world.  Spending most of his time in Hong Kong followed by Vancouver, Belgium and Los Angeles, it's been a while since JCVD has been in America.  That all changed these last couple of weeks as he's been spotted around Los Angeles at Gold's gym, been viewing Kickboxer reboot dailies with star Alain Moussi and recently opened up an Instagram account talking to his fans through some hilarious videos.  With much chatter of all the kids leaving Facebook, Van Damme sat down at their Menlo Park headquarters for a quick Q&A that racked up a few thousand questions in less than 30 minutes.

While the Muscles didn't answer much, a few highlights:

"Why ask the question, when deep inside you know the truth?" On whether or not he could defeat Steven Seagal in a fight.

"I'm like Chuck Norris, my body repairs like a snake." On if he's ever been injured on set.

"Don't go too low, don't hurt yourself!" On a fan's picture of him emulating JCVD's famous split between two chairs from Bloodsport.

"I just met with the people of Facebook who are going to help me understand how to help even more." On bringing more attention to his work saving animals from the streets, especially dogs.

"Coming soon I will give some great tips which will become automatically lessons and also a way of life if you choose to."  On his current workouts.

"In fact, the first time I saw the movie at the Chinese theater in Hollywood I thought the movie was going to be a catastrophe. I left the theatre and I was so upset. But it worked!! And then I was so thrilled." On predicting Bloodsport's worldwide success and launching his career.

Mentions of next projects Pound of Flesh and Kickboxer and many Thank You to the fans as he wouldn't be where he is today without the audience.  And then he was gone, off to the airport to catch a flight to who knows where.  Even though he hasn't tried to stay in the public eye, Van Damme has amassed nearly 16 million Likes on Facebook, outpacing the King of Kings himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose official FB has over 12 million.

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