Monday, January 12, 2015

Gotta Eat (and Drank)! Study Hall

I've walked around UCLA's campus once for a book fair and checked out a movie at the Hammer Museum nearby but have never set foot on USC's campus.  Years ago I checked out the monthly Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention (kind of sad) at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Center and driven past the giant football stadium but that was about it.   Saturday night on our way to the California Science Center we stopped off at Study Hall for a bite and a drank before Interstellar in true IMAX.  Just up the street next to lots of college residential apartments and the surprisingly clean campus, Study Hall bills itself as a gastropub and serves up traditional American style sammiches and burgers with beer or wine.  It was a bit pricey considering it was next to campus but my What The double burger and fries wasn't bad.  Not amazing, but not bad.  Asked for no cheese but got cheese and the meat was a little rubbery.  There's cider in the house but instead of Strongbow you get more pedestrian Angry Orchard and the overly sweet Wood Chuck.

The place isn't that big but has TV's everywhere so people can watch sports and hoop and holler for their teams.  Being early Saturday night the joint wasn't too crowded, the service was quite friendly and the food came out relatively quick.  The future truly is here as a simple tablet replaced your old school clunky cash register.  By the time we left, a swell of college age kids swarmed the place and man was it weird.  I'm not old but I'm old enough to be long out of college and these students looked like not quite fully formed adults. 

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