Friday, January 23, 2015

D'You Know What I Mean 2015: Noel Gallagher

Holy jeez, January is slipping away from me!  So where were we?  Oh yeah, Noel Gallagher is ramping up another banner year for 2015 following 2011's mega success a a solo artist with his High Flying Birds.  Lots of festivals, a world tour, a well received album and The Chief was off and running.  After a quick break, NG went back to the studio and latest album Chasing Yesterday is due to drop on March 2nd.  Released tracks In the Heat of the Moment, Ballad Of the Mighty I and B-Side Do the Damage are all escalating uptempo tracks in the grand Noel G tradition that demand repeat listening.  A North American tour kicks off in Toronto starting May 3rd.  While I tried to snag tix to the downtown Los Angeles show via the fan presale, the shit didn't work.  Regular tickets go on sale today via Ticketmaster with only a few balcony seats remaining.  But Ticketmaster is a bullshit monopoly so I guess I'll sit this one out.

Of course it wouldn't be Noel Gallagher without a mention of Oasis right?  On the possibility of a reunion, Noel has always contended it wouldn't be happening anytime soon with friend/mentor/music legend Paul Weller threatening physical harm if it did.  Weller has stayed amicable with both Gallagher brothers as he lent his face and name to Liam's clothing line Pretty Green.  While little brother Liam recently disbanded Beady Eye, don't expect him to stay quiet for long.  His fashion label seems to be doing well with sights set on America with the opening of a New York showroom.

Here's to a wave of hilarious interviews where Noel tells it like it is because he's the god Dammed boss:

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