Friday, December 5, 2014

Gotta Eat (& Drank): Miceli's Italian Restaurant

While heading over to The Egyptian for The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, we passed a couple of old school spots in West Hollywood: Jones Hollywood and Formosa Cafe.  The former is a brick walled Italian joint, cleaned up, modern, a bit pricey and not somewhere I'd go back to.  The latter is a throwback, founded in 1925 and frequented by movie stars of all eras.  I just remember it being really dark inside and the Chinese food they were slinging was nothing special.  Right next door to the Egyptian is Miceli's, established in 1949 and touted as Hollywood's Oldest Italian restaurant.  We had a few celebratory dranks there after Carl Weathers night, the place looked historical and lived in with ornate wood work and much character.  There was a piano player and people singing too boot.  Before Fairlane, some buddies and I sat down for an actual dinner.  Their menu is pretty basic with pizza and pasta served up with the likes of veal, meatballs and seafood.  I opted for their plate of half spaghetti and half ravioli and to drink, some Jack Daniels and ginger ale.  Our server was nice and he even got up to sing during our meal.  The food came out very quickly and was pretty tasty.  I'm not the greatest judge of Italian food so nothing jumped out at me but I was happy the dish didn't come out wet or greasy and packed strong but not overpowering flavor.  One thing I didn't notice the last time was how big the joint is, there's a main level, a raised level, then the bar level and one downstairs.

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