Friday, December 26, 2014

Gotta Drank! Jameson's Irish Pub

Christmas in California is weird.  Depending on where you go, most places are closed while in other pockets, it's just another day.  Before checking out a special screening of The Interview at The Egyptian, we ventured into Hollywood looking for Happy Hour.  Usual staples Boardner's, Micelli's and Pig & Whistle were all closed while The Rusty Mullet, some crazy Cantina joint and Jameson's Irish Pub on Hollywood Boulevard were all bustling.  Donning a Halloween Captain America shield to the movie to show my support for it and the country, security had to check with management to make sure I could bring it in.  With a promise not to shield bash anyone, we quickly got a table in the crowded, cluttered yet cozy spot.  Jameson's is probably a popular spot, not only are there televisions broadcasting the game and Home Alone everywhere, it's Hollywood so all the servers are young women AND they have 2-For-1 drinks Monday through Friday from 12:00 - 8:00PM.  We grabbed some Dublin Mules which were tasty if not a little strong on the lime juice.  Food wise they have Prime Rib and a small piece of it only set you back $10 bucks.  Bigger than that was a huge appetizer preztel that could have used about 3x the cheese sauce they provided.  Not sure I'd want to come here during a regular day of business and  Hollywood crowds but for Christmas it was just fine.

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