Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gotta Drank! Jackson's

I've been frequenting the Arclight in Hollywood for about the last 3-4 years.  It's their flagship location, site to frequent premieres, special events and where famous types go just to check out a flick.  They've opened up several more locations and we checked out their Beach Cities spot in Manhattan Beach a couple weeks ago for some Hunger Games and returned this past weekend for Home Alone.  Located off Rosecrans Ave, it's a busy boulevard filled with businesses and offices alike.  Parking is kind of weird, there's a lot behind the theater, a garage not meant for moviegoers then another garage across the street where the gate is either up or down.  A former Pacific Theatre, the inside is nice and spacious but the actual auditorium we saw Hunger Games in, I swear that the seats were angled away from the screen instead of centered and cascading out...the smaller theater for Home Alone was fine though.  Ah, what a Christmas classic, it still holds up with a mix of comedy and light family drama as Macaulay Culkin's little shit Kevin McAllister is subjected to a bunch of assholes in his family and ends up accidentally spending the days before Christmas Home Alone, get it?  He learns how to be self sufficient and appreciate his family while eating junk food and watching inappropriate movies.  Then at the end of course, he wreaks what should be insufferable harm on two burglars via blow torches, a nail in the foot, an iron to the face and a tarantula, etc.  You really get the hankering for a cheese pizza or macaroni and cheese afterwards...

The courtyard of the theater contains a P.F. Changs and Jackson's, a family run bar and restaurant with a wood motif and a front door that you think is a service entrance.  We came here before HG and ordered some mules with Jameson and boy did their ginger beer suck! Highly not recommended.  We came back for actual dinner this time and boy howdy, the place is a bit pricey!  It's a little high end modern with asparagus appetizers, salmon dishes, butternut squash soup and the like.  The Mac n' Cheese wasn't amazing but not horrible, the hummus plate was tasty, the burger was good and the fries were excellent, nice and crunchy. 

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