Friday, November 14, 2014

Workout of the Day: Return of the Pump

Being busy with social engagements and whatnot, I had a week of half workouts.  Re-energized, I approached this week with a little more gusto.  Watching some Stallone clips on YouTube to get me motivated, I hit the complex gym for an upper body circuit on the ol' Paramount Machine and with my free weights.  While I'll never be able to train for months on end multiple times a day to get Stallone yoked, I felt nice and pumped after this little routine for my Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps:

1) Shoulder Press/Close Grip Pulldown/Bench Dip
2) Side Lateral Raise/Bent Over Curl/J-Press
3) Rear Delt Raises/Concentration Curls/Lying DB Extensions
4) Front Cable Raise/Cable Hammer Curls/Rope Pushdowns

Each Tri-Set was repeated 3 times which means I pumped out 36 sets when I usually do 27, I just felt like I needed to do a little extra for slacking off last week.  I received a fresh reminder to pay attention while training as I misjudged the arc of the cable curl section on my front raises and ended up slamming into the top and letting go of the handle which promptly smacked my shins and smashed my toe.  Gym vigilance and safety is paramount as is being in the moment in the movement.  Frank Zane recalls many a time when he wasn't paying attention during a workout and brought a pulldown bar straight onto his head or dropped a plate on his foot, etc.  It just takes that one moment of day dreaming to cost you time out of the gym due to carelessness.  So be safe and get swole!

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