Monday, November 3, 2014

It's Real! The McRib Sandwich

I love McDonald's.  I love their fries, their Daily Double, the Chicken McNuggets, the McChicken, Dipped Cone, on and on.  According to that one documentary, I'm a heavy user of fast food because I eat it several times a month.  People often wonder how I can maintain my Jean-Claude Van Damme inspired physique while eating that "junk" and the answer is: I don't eat it every day at every meal and I work out so it equals out.  The doctor told me I was in excellent health at my last check up so again, chew on it.  With the rise of trendy eating habits and misinformation, McDonald's is facing it's worst performance levels in 10 years.  But make no mistake, they're not going anywhere.  I was shocked to see that McDonald's far and away outsells it's next 9 competitors, COMBINED.  That includes Chipotle, Subway (with their 43 ingredient bread), Burger King, Wendy's and Jack in the Box.  Just in the drive-thru burger game, McD's outsold BK by $73 BILLION burger bucks in 2013.  They put salads on the menu after a bunch of fat don'ters complained and it was one of their worst selling items so obviously when given the choice, the public, or at least the ones who eat at McDonald's yet complain about it, still want their deep fried, high calorie deliciousness.

Their limited time offer sandwich staple, The McRib, is currently back and today, a video was posted showing how exactly the rib shaped patties are made.  Sadly, it wasn't that clip from The Simpsons showing a cow being melted down and oozing out meat lava...In said video, a bow-tie wearing cool-guy teacher who was repulsed by some oh so official photo of a freezer burnt McRib on Twitter takes a tour of a supplier plant and sees up close and personal that the sammy is made up of real meat and spices.  Of course this could be some elaborate scheme and one time run of quality food for the cameras while real shipments are made up of tofu and sawdust but hey, it's out there and it's real, so deal with it.  They're more transparent than the freaking government is.  I love how skeptical people are about things they don't even care about, the people who complain about McDonald's don't even eat there but feel the need to talk shit on it.  How's that fake and unnecessary Gluten-Free diet working out for you?  Oh yeah, it was totally debunked by the guy who first brought it to public attention.  So unless you're part of the 1% of the population who has Celiac Disease, give it a fucking rest.  If you don't want to eat there, nobody is forcing you to so enjoy your air sandwich and fat free water.  I'll be over here enjoying my usual 3 sandwich and an ice cream cone order from the Golden Arches.

I've been seeing this for years and it all boils down to people being lazy.  Too lazy to workout consistently, too lazy to cook and too lazy to get educated.  Everything has to be do or die like a New Years Resolution that fills gyms with noobs who can't be bothered to read a book or magazine on working out or nutrition then stop going after a few weeks.  Forget that you can start seeing results in a few weeks but that's just not fast enough to turn around a lifetime of poor eating and low activity for some people.  I read once that the average gym member uses their membership 4 times a month so they keep paying, meaning to work out but just never do.  That's plain lazy and irresponsible.  So they just fall for whatever hype marketing dollars are touting on television or the local news is trying to scare you with.  Know anyone still doing P90X after the initial 90 days?  Remember when cupcakes were IT and before them it was Krispy Kreme?  It's not just food and fitness fads, how about Vaccinations causing Autism?  You know, where a study was released by a guy who would profit from lawsuits?  So now we have Whooping Cough, Measles and Polio back in full force?  Nice.  Ebola?  Oh yeah it's not airborne and our tally is at 3 cases, 1 death in a country of 300 million...EPIDEMIC!

Life moves in cycles, it shouldn't move in fads.  Read.  Research.  Get off your ass.  Be a doer.

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