Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gotta Eat! Malibu Seafood

After a nice hike, it was time to meet up with some friends at another randomly located spot in "the Bu", Malibu Seafood.  Seriously, the spot is literally off the PCH next to a state park trail so you can try to find a parking space in their small lot, pay for the parks or just pull off the 1.  I'm a big seafood guy but "white people" joints always seem so expensive compared to the Vietnamese and Chinese places I grew up with.  Whether it's Red Lobster or The Pike in Seattle, the selling to the mainstream and tourists jacks up the prices.  Such was the case with Malibu Seafood which has a fantastic view of the blue, blue waters of Malibu from it's patio seating and a pretty no frills menu along with being BYOB!  I opted for fried fish and fries along with some steamed mussels for a very not bad $20.  The fish serving was ample, tender and tasty but lacked any real flavor, I guess that's what the malt vinegar and tarter sauce is for.  The mussels however were delicious, big and plump and served in a broth of herbs and butter with a side of La Brea Bakery bread.  Much better than some I had in Marina Del Rey recently that were the size of kidney beans.  While it was nice to bask in the quiet beauty of Malibu with a tray of seafood, it made me yearn for a 99 Ranch Market where Lobster is a third of the price and they'll steam it for you on the spot.  I smell road trip...

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