Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dolph Day

I'm a little late but wanted to wish one Dolph Lundgren a happy birthday.  This past Monday, November 3rd marked the karate champion/chemical engineer/movie star/big Swede's 57th year of existence and the man is busier than ever.  2013 and into 2014 saw the release of no less than SIX starring vehicles, a fitness book, the production of passion project Skin Trade, a weirdfunny marketing campaign for an Australian mobile phone provider dubbed #YesDolph and of course, an appearance at The Egyptian Theatre as special guest of a Dammaged Goods Presents event where we screened Universal Soldier and Rocky IV. Up close and personal the man is tall, jacked and cool as shit. 

Looking around my den I realized I had accumulated four recent Dolph flicks that I'll be viewing soon to celebrate his birthday week.Films like Battle of the Damned, The Expendables 3, Legendary, Ambushed and Puncture Wounds had Dolph playing a zombie killing mercenary, a mercenary without a family or war, a bounty hunter, federal agent and a crime boss opposite Stallone, Jason Statham, Scott Adkins, Billy Zane, Cung Le, Robert Davi and many more while taking him to Malaysia, Bulgaria, France, China and Los Angeles, California.  Dolph spent the past summer in and out of Thailand where he wrote, produced and co-starred in human trafficking action thriller Skin Trade with Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White, Ron Perlman and Peter Weller.  The flick's first trailer showcases it's awesome cast and plenty of gunfight, fisticuff and vehicular mayhem.  It's had a few test screenings in Los Angeles and is up for grabs at the current American Film Market with a planned release in the spring of 2015.

Lundgren celebrated his birthday working on World War II pic War Pigs along with Luke Goss (Blade II) and Mickey Rourke as part of a rag tag unit sent behind enemy lines to kill Nazi's.  The Ryan Little directed picture is shooting in Utah.  After that Dolph reunites with Scott Adkins for action thriller Four Towers which sees him as a former war hero who takes a group of wealthy diners hostage at a centuries old castle to find stolen gold.  The Iron Man then switches gears for the seemingly would be horror flick Shark Lake where he and the local townsfolk take on fresh water sharks.

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