Thursday, October 23, 2014

Workout of the Day: The October Man

With so much to keep me busy and inspired this month; Jean-Claude Van Damme's birthday, Arnold Schwarzenegger on the big screen twice and Carl Weathers night, I've kept up the month long pump but had to start mixing things up.  I don't know about you, but after about 3 weeks with any program I start to get a little bored.  Doing straight bodybuilding style workouts, 2 opposing muscle groups a day, supersets, 3-4 exercises for 20 sets total, seemed like overkill since I'm not a bodybuilder and was just getting tiresome.  Enter my next favorite style of training, Circuits, where I'd work my entire body over 9 exercises and just under 30 sets.  The fast pace, variation and feeling like nothing was being neglected helped clear my mind but with only an exercise or two per body part I felt like it wasn't enough.  Since I've been a bit busy this week prepping for Carl Weathers night, I've snuck in a workout wherever I could.  In the apartment, in the complex gym, at the real gym, etc.

Early Morning Cardio:

2 Miles on Seated Bike/5 Minutes on Stepper/1.5 Miles on Treadmill/1 Mile on Bike

They say cardio first thing helps you fry more fat because your blood sugar is low from sleeping and the body turns to fat for energy.  Hopefully, this will make up for the big, food court lunch I know is in my future.

Total Body Two-a-Day:

A.M. - Dumbbell Squat/Deadlift/Leg Press/Leg Curl/Leg Extension/Standing Calf Raise

This is quick and easy leg workout you could do in any gym, big or small, with or without weights, the key is to keep a fast pace, focus on form and feeling the muscles working since you're not slamming around big weights.  I just recently started doing Leg Extensions again but with manageable poundage and good form, putting a lot of pressure on your knee like that can lead to injury.

A haircut, the grocery store, a movie and whatnot later, I returned for a quick Upper Body session:

P.M. - Shoulder Press/EZ Bar Curl/Bench Dip/Dumbbell Upright Row/Hammer Curl/Cable Pushdown/Side Raise/Concentration Curl/Lying Side Extension

This was just me walking around the apartment gym, doing tri-sets for Shoulders and Arms utilizing everything in the room to get an afternoon pump.

Short on time, I went for a Chins and Push Ups workout in the apartment the other night, doing 7 sets of chins with alternating sets of push ups and corner dips (where the kitchen counters meet is a great dip bar).  The next morning I only needed the space of a yoga mat to perform Dolph Lundgren's Maximum Potential Leg workout of squats and lunges along with some shadow boxing and abs.

I've also been doing some Shadow Boxing and Jump Roping on days I don't feel like lifting.  Bas Rutten's Workout Tapes are great as a personal trainer as you're throwing punches, kicks and knees for 2-3 minute rounds, working your muscles in ways you usually wouldn't.  If I had more time I'd definitely look into some boxing lessons or regaining some flexibility as I'd be hard pressed to kick someone in the face these days.

No matter how busy you are or think you are, there's always a few minutes in the day for your health.  Now drop and give me push ups, then air squats then some chins!

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