Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hey Dalton: Nice

"I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice."
     - Patrick Swayze as Dalton, Road House

They say nice guys finish last.  While not completely true, there is a bit of truth in the statement.  People usually respond to challenges and negativity while taking consideration and politeness for granted.  I've always been a nice guy with a low bullshit tolerance so people either think I'm great or an angry asshole.  This past weekend I ran into several unhappy people; a loud mouth at the movie theater, an in a bad mood comic book shop worker and a less than happy to be alive or at work cashier at the grocery store.  Through their unhappiness, I rediscovered one of my life outlooks that Arnold and Dalton taught me, Smile and Be Nice.  Now I'm not talking about being a punching bag, I'm talking about being nice to make people realize they're being assholes or to genuinely express your gratitude.  I want people to see me having such a great time and life that they're either A) Inspired to make their lives better or B) Realize how much of a piece of shit they are. 

Why do this?  Because I can.  I have a great life and I'm not so self important or insecure that I need to try and make people feel poorly if I'm in a bad mood.  But I'm also not here to be a stepping stone, so if you come at me with negativity, I'll do my very best to throw it back in your face with a smile.  Remember, nobody can call you a jerk if you're smiling, it's physically impossible.  Without self respect and personal standards you might as well just count yourself among the common, shitty people.  But I believe in you, so be a doer!

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