Friday, October 3, 2014

Gotta (maybe) Eat! Uncle Darrow's

A co-worker had a hankering for gumbo so we set off to check out Uncle Darrow's in Venice.  I'm not sure what'd you call it, Southern, Louisiana, Cajun style cuisine?  You had your Po Boy sammiches, gumbo, jambalaya, fried fish and beignets.  Located on the busy and annoying Lincoln avenue, there's spacious parking in the back that's free with validation.  We beat the lunch rush which was a good thing because this place is not set up for crowds.  I was torn between a soft shell crab Po Boy or just getting a mess of stuff on their Combo Platter Dinner.  The dinner won out and I got a plateful of fried oysters (delicious, big and tender), shrimp (tiny, chewy) and farm-fed catfish (light, not too heavy), potato salad, jambalaya and corn bread.  The fry coating made everything kind of taste the same but it was surprisingly not that heavy a meal considering most of it was deep fried.  As lunch goers started to arrive I ordered some beignets to go and that's where things went south for me and Uncle D, it took 20 minutes to deep fry some batter and hit it with powdered sugar when there were only 3 orders in front of us.  I noticed one of the cooks come out with a bag and figured it was mine as the cashier just let it sit there and didn't even tell me the order was ready.  I wonder if there's an H. Salt around here any place...

Whoever came up with Napoleon Bonafrog is a Got Damme genius:

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