Friday, October 3, 2014

Gotta Drank! Percy's and Co.

Nestled in the serene, cobbled streets of Ballard next to Hattie's Hat is a very cool neighborhood joint called Percy's and Co.  It's got an old style feel with an ornate wooden bar, brick walls and a patio in the back.  Lots of manicured mustaches and beards VS the shitty, 80's style ponytails I saw at Capitol Hill a couple days before.  Not that one is better than the other, I mean I'm sure this place fills up with Mumford and Sons/Edward Sharpe listening mother fuckers on a weekend night with their faux southern twang and warble sounding, ball-less, string strumming tunes eating lentil soup wearing plaid.  Their crafted cocktails and libations offerings were quite in depth and to help you find your new favorite they had a system of ordering where you selected sweet, sour or savory, a type of liquor and off you went with an adventurous beverage.  We snacked on some tasty chili-lime popcorn and kicked back with some deliciously smooth cocktails.  It was a beautiful day and their patio looked like a nice spot to relax.  Many bars in Seattle offer movies on the patio which I thought was a pretty cool idea.  This place was doing an Alfred Hitchcock retrospective through the summer.  Not sure if that would work in L.A. with all the noise and distractions. 

A real Southern Gentleman:

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