Monday, October 13, 2014

Chief Goods: Dark Side of the Room aka Wheat is Murder

"It is called In the Heat of the Moment, is it great? Of course it is. What does it mean?
It don't mean anything.  Will you love it?  Yes, you will."
- Noel Gallagher on his latest single
Exciting news for all Brothers Gallagher and OASIS fans today as The Chief, singer/songwriter Noel Gallagher, announced a new single, album and world tour coming soon via Facebook.  Following up 2011's well received Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds will be Chasing Yesterday, out March 2nd of 2015.  March?  That's 5 months from now!  New single In the Heat of the Moment drops on November 16th and I'm sure another single or two will follow.  UK, Ireland and European concert dates have already been set for March while North America and Japan will follow.  Heat is online now and it's fucking excellent, very easy to listen to, very Noel, very upbeat, forward charging, moody and will probably be fucking beautiful played live.  I hit repeat at least a half dozen times because the track just isn't long enough. 
Gallagher partook in a fan Q&A where the very first question was in regards to an OASIS reunion with perennially angry at the world yet hilarious and brilliant brother Liam, who is currently fronting Beady Eye.  Noel showed no interest in getting the UK's most popular band from the 90's back together.  The Chief went on to explain that after coming off tour on the first High Flying Birds album, he was bored at home and started tinkering on a new album.  The sessions finished early, right after the World Cup.  While Heat is a pretty digestible track, psychedelic, "space jazz" and think Pink Floyd were used to describe some other songs on the new album.  Lock All the Doors, has taken Gallagher 23 years to complete.
After OASIS imploded at a French concert in 2009, brother Liam took the remaining band members and immediately formed Beady Eye.  Their first album, 2011's Different Gear, Still Speeding was a stripped down, hard charging (in typical Liam fashion) pop-rock album with pianos and back up singers adding a 50's motif that was a bit strange at first but I really dug it when I laid down on the floor and listened to the album in it's entirety as one should when digesting new music.  Reviews were mixed although NME did nominate them for Best New Band and the album debuted in the Top 10 of half a dozen countries, moving 170,000 copies in the UK total.  Four Letter Word, Bring the Light, For Anyone and Standing on the Edge of the Noise were all solid efforts that utilized Liam's sneering delivery and rock n' roll sensibility.  Vowing not to play OASIS tracks live, concerts were a subdued affair as decades long fans no longer knew the lyrics to be able to sing along.  2013's follow up BE rode a nice wave of hype as Liam and the boys wanted to make something completely different, feeling that the masses rejected Different Gear's vibe.  Instead of giving us more fast tempo rock and roll snippets, we got a meandering, plodding, goes nowhere album I honestly had trouble listening to or caring about.  By now, Liam let a couple OASIS tracks sneak into the set list but sales were weaker than Different Gear.
Also released in 2011 was Noel's solo album, simply dubbed Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds that played like a light OASIS album since he was responsible for writing most of their arena anthem classics.  Reviews were good and the album was certified Platinum in the UK, selling over 700,000 copies and landing on several year end best of lists as well as nominations from the Brit Awards, NME and Q.  If I Had a Gun has become one of my favorite songs in recent memory while AKA...What a Life, Dream On, AKA...Broken Arrow are all fine, light rock tunes and makes for a great car ride album.

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