Thursday, September 25, 2014

Workout of the Day: Traveling Man

Hopping on 5 flights across several states in as many days is kind of cool but also a little bit exhausting.  Throw in not being able to exactly eat overly clean and you're looking at dump city.  I managed to hold off jet lag and feeling too lazy by working out across America.

At a hotel gym in Des Moines with only cardio equipment available I took a page from Dolph Lundgren's Maximum Potential and new fitness book to accomplish a body weight leg routine with some cardio and abs.  Body Squat/Lunges/Sissy Squat/Standing Calf Raises all done in straight sets x 4.  Between each exercise I'd hop on the bike/treadmill/elliptical or jump rope for several minutes then use a towel for trunk twists super setted with an ab exercise like reverse crunches, hanging crunches holding myself up on the treadmill bars and toe touches.

In the 2nd leg of my trip a friend had some basic weights so I got in a quick upper body session doing Push Ups, EZ Bar Rows, Triceps Extensions and Curls before moving into Dumbbell work with Flys, Hammer Curls and Kickbacks followed up by some shadow boxing and jump roping.

Said friend is a coach at a local high school so we used the empty weight room for Legs for Front Squats, 1-Legged Leg Curl, 1-Legged Leg Press, Back Extensions, Standing Calf Raises and NECK MACHINE! Oh man I got super giddy when I saw that bad boy. In my lifetime, my high school gym and local dungeon facility had a neck machine as well as the former Koloseum in Fullerton, CA but I haven't seen one in the last 10 years at a 24 Hour or LA Fitness, Gold's or Spectrum.  2 sets of each direction and my neck was sore the next morning but will help give me that nice and strong neck/chin seen in Chew Magazine and Jawline Monthly.

My last day on the road I hit up a local health care facility for a full on Arms and Shoulders day with Chins/Cable Pushdowns/Preacher Curl/Bench Dips/Low Incline Curl and Lying DB Extensions before hammering out some Arnold Presses and raises for the 3 heads.  Followed by come interval cardio on the bike and elliptical, abs and twists.

Even though I was on vacation, that was no reason to ease back the training, especially since I was eating nothing but Taco Bell, biscuits and gravy, BBQ and the like so you gotta keep the balance.

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