Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gotta Drank (& Eat)! Skillet Diner and Elephant & Castle

Having a few days in Seattle this time compared to the 25 hour trip of a few weeks ago, I got to try out a few more local and touristy spots.  A chum from college took us to the Capitol Hill district, a bustling, crowded area that apparently attracts many displaced New Yorkers as it reminds them of home.  Our first stop was a dive bar but it was holding a singles event so we checked out Skillet Diner across the street.  Nice place, clean d├ęcor and that pseudo hipster/upscale take on American classics.  The special for the night was Chicken Fried Steak which had sadly sold out by the time we cozied up to the counter.  The Chicken Fried Chicken was quite delicious though and their fries were so crispy and addictive I had to have them taken away. 

After a 13 hour day at the office Friday, it was time for dinner.  The lady scouted out some joints near the hotel so instead of settling for franchise staple Rock Bottom Brewery, we ended up at Elephant & Castle, a large English pub located beneath a downtown hotel.  It was surprisingly empty for a Friday night but our server was great and my Pimm's Cup wasn't bad either, just a little sour.  They had all kinds of Poutine, ya know the Canadian dish that consists of French fries covered in brown gravy and cheese curds?  I just like saying Poutine (Poo-teen) because it reminds me of Jean-Claude Van Damme's pronunciation of bear-wrestling, military charging Russian President Vladimir Putin.  While most American's would say Poot-in, Van Damme calls him Mr. Poo-teen and has been the guest of the sports loving leader at MMA events but sadly lost his number.  While the Poutine was delectable and topped with bacon, I think I'd rather have my fries doused in chili and cheese.  America style.  No offense Canada, if I were to live in another country connected to the United States, it would be you.

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