Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gotta Drank (and Eat)! Bourbon House & The Red Door

After a short day at the Con and some lazing in the hotel, it was time to find dinner.  The lady had done some reconnaissance before hand and come up with several options.  Just up from the convention center and near the beautifully designed outdoor mall was the Bourbon House.  As we walked I observed that for such a religious town, there sure are a lot of bars and brew pubs around here...Located beneath a commercial building rests a cozy dive-ish bar with a pretty decent selection of eats.  The place was very empty for the dinner hour and after being totally ignored by the server, I ordered at the bar.  $4 Jameson?  Why, yes, I will imbibe that.  You could get it as a shot with a pickle juice chaser but I opted for slow drinking with some ginger ale.  On the food front they had items like Chad's Balls (Jalapeno poppers), bacon wrapped tator tots and the Juicy Lucy, two patties formed around cheese of your choice.  Everything was pretty tasty and came out quickly so I'd definitely recommend to anyone in town as 4 dranks, an appetizer and 2 entries only set us back $40 some bucks.

I couldn't locate an ice cream shop nearby so we strolled over to The Red Door, a tiny bar across the street advertising a Comic Con menu that was surprisingly well thought out.  Inside it was a bit dark or intimate I suppose complete with a huge mural of Che Guevara on the wall.  Known for their martinis, many of the CC dranks were vodka based but after sticking to whiskey all day I didn't want to change liquors and went with Jameson again.  The server was very kind but like Bourbon House, The Red Door was near empty at this time of evening.  For some reason I figured Salt Lake was going to be a dry or restricted town with near beer and drink maximums but we never ran into any issues besides not being able to find a happy hour...

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