Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Workout of the Day: Expendables Week

Last night was the Los Angeles premiere of The Expendables III following international debuts in the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany last week.  Before it's official release this Friday, EX III has already faced a tumultuous journey to the big screen when weeks ago during Comic-Con, a DVD quality screener was stolen and uploaded to the internets.  Over 2 million downloads later, studio Lionsgate sued 6 different sites offering the film online.  Dammage done, we'll see how it effects box office this crowded weekend against comedy Let's Be Cops and latest YA style novel adaptation, The Giver.  Me?  I'll be seeing all 3 flicks in a marathon this Thursday.

So to keep the momentum going, I started Monday off with a leg and cardio circuit.  My new apartment has a small gym on site that includes an old school Universal Machine!  You know, those big honking contraptions from Harold Zinkin that let you train your entire body without risk of dropping weights on yourself?  We had one of these bad boys in our high school weight room and I always enjoyed the versatility as you can do Leg Press, Chins, Dips, Pulldowns, Shoulder Presses, Cable Curls, etc all in a 5'x5' space and add or subtract weight with the pull and push of a pin.  My apartment's isn't quite as all encompassing as it's missing the chin and dip bar of my high school's.  Still, it's in terrific shape with it's awesome padded golden leather upholstery and works smoothly.

Since I joined a gym, I donated my weight set to the apartment and it looks like people have been using the EZ bar and Dumbbells.  To pump up my legs I got in 5 sets of:

1) Machine Leg Press - It's a narrow position so it works more of the outer thigh.
2) Standing Leg Curls - There's a Leg Extension apparatus on the machine but I just stand in front of it and use it for leg curls instead to work the hamstrings.
3)  Dumbbell Squat - Gripping 40lbs in each hand
4)  Deadlift - Using the EZ bar for quick reps to keep my lower back strong

I hadn't gotten in much cardio over the last few days so I opted for some Ab-Aerobics, Frank Zane style where I'd do 2 minutes of a particular exercise followed by something for abs and twists:

1) Seated Bike 2) Stair Climber 3) Treadmill

For added sweat equity I had my cell phone in hand and timed intervals in the 20-30 second range followed by 15-30 seconds rest.  I completed 3 rounds of each and was dripping.  You know you're getting in a good workout when your shoulders and forearms sweat.

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