Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gotta Drank (and Eat)! Hattie's Hat

On a quick 25 hour trip to Seattle, Washington for work, I managed to meet up with a former college colleague who took us to Ballard for dinner and dranks.  I've traveled to Seattle a half dozen times and always enjoy the mix of abundant nature, small town charm and big city activity.  You've got several neighborhoods outside of the busy downtown and Pike district (you know, where they throw fish at people), each with their own main strips and former downtowns.  Incorporated in 1890, Ballard still displays some great architecture and Hattie's on the Avenue is situated next to brick, low story hotels, an athletic club and plenty of character rich restaurants and bars.  On this Sunday, a Farmer's Market had streets closed off but we had no issue getting into Hattie's.  Like a dive bar restaurant in the sense you can tell it's been there for a while, Hattie's does comfort food like sandwiches, Chicken Fried Chicken (delicious) and ribs (tender with a bit of spice) as well as beers and cocktails.  Turns out the joint is a bit of a haven for live music as well as an artist was lined up for that evening.  I opted for the Bill Murray, a bourbon drank with Courvoisier, Amaretto and Orange Bitters.  It packed a bit of a punch and not in the fun way so not sure I'd select it again. 

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