Saturday, July 26, 2014

Workout(s) of the Day: Con-Man

Comic-Con is crazy but when you've been going to shows as often as I have, they all kind of start blending together.  San Diego differentiates itself due to the sheer volume of attendees, panels and outside events but if you've walked through one giant exhibit floor, you've walked them all.  Upon arrival I got in a couple workouts to keep me honest.  This year's condo has a hotel style gym with a Universal-esque weight machine and a cable station along with several treadmills and bikes.  Before Wednesday's Preview Night I got in a circuit to pump up:

Handstand Push Up/Chins/Bench Dips
- Since there wasn't an actual chin up bar, I just placed the lat pulldown bar in it's metal stirrup, made sure it was sturdy and chinned away.  Bench dip wise I had to settle for placing my hands on the side of a treadmill then trying to raise my hips to get more of a range of motion.

Side Raise/Cable Curl/Pushdown
- Side raises were done with hand in front then behind, so 2 sets equaled 1 to really pump up and define the delts.  Cable Curls on the Lat Pulldown give you a nice resistant pump all the way through without your shoulders coming into play.  Then Pushdown of course can be done on the same Lat Pulldown station.

Rear Raise/1-Arm Cable Curl/1-Arm Reverse Pushdown
- Again, 2 sets to make 1 this time for the posterior delts with finishing bicep and tricep moves done as 21's to burn out.

Abs, trunk twists and calf raises holding on to the weight cables for resitatance wrapped up my pre-breakfast pump.  10 minutes of intervals on the bike to make myself feel better for all the drinking and eating that were to come while watching Walker, Texas Ranger complete with young Tobey Maguire appearance.

The next morning I took advantage of the condo pool and warmed up with some running in the water, high knees, kicking back, jump lunges etc before doing laps of Freestyle and Breast Stroke, almost called it Frog Stroke and man was my heart blasting!

Then of course I'll be walking to, around and from the convention center for several days along with an irregular eating plan so I think my envelope can use a couple days off.

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