Monday, July 21, 2014

Workout of the Day: Posterior Deltoid Fire

Unfortunately my Comic-Con schedule isn't going to allow me to get in a session with Mr. Olympia and bodybuilding legend Frank Zane this year so I'm not pushing as hard at the gym this week.  Still enjoying being back in the weight room as there's plenty of equipment and exercises to be done I couldn't perform at home.  It's been generally quiet and not very crowded but it is a bit of a steeper establishment than your usual LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness.  I figured that would keep out some of the clown shoe antics but I guess if you can afford to train there you're probably not all that into lifting.  So I get the usual non-stop chatty Cathy's who aren't actually saying much, the guy resting his towel on equipment he's not using, his buddy grunting and dropping 40's like they're heavy and their friend who sets weights on a bench that already has a tear forming from other dipshits resting loaded bars there instead of being strong enough to pick them up off the floor or rack.

Anyways, I've been hitting a 4 Day Split Routine where I'll do Chest/Biceps, Legs, Back/Triceps, rest a day or do cardio then do Shoulders and Arms before starting over again.  More importantly I've been doing much more cardiovascular work after my sessions in the forms of rowing, biking and Versa Climbing.  Since I'm lifting before or during the work day, I tend to aim for 3 miles of cardio to keep me focused.  1600 meters on a rowing machine only takes about 7 minutes if I push it then 2 miles on a bike can be accomplished in about 7.  Throw in a few hundred feet of Versa Climbing and I've gotten my cardio done in around 15 minutes after weights.

After short fusing all week, I got in a nice Back and Triceps session that help put me in a better mood.  As always I incorporated Super Sets so an exercise for Back followed immediately by Triceps.

1)  Deadlift/Bench Dips - Using pre-set barbells to cut down on time, I'm not looking to set a power lifting record, just work my lower back, forearms and legs.  While once upon a time I could Dead 415, these days I settle for high reps of 100 pounds and up.  Bench Dips I add resistance with weight plates on my lap.  Again, back in my prime with the help of partners I stacked 180 pounds on my lap but today I'm topping out at 45 for safety's sake.
2)  Chin/EZ Bar Extension - Wide and parallel grip then the last set I pulled to each hand.  For EZ's I did them Frank Zane style so instead of just lowering the bar to my forehead like a skull crusher, I went down and behind my head to give a nice stretch and extra pump.  It's also a little easier on the elbows because we all know that Tennis Elbow suuuuucks!
3)  1-Arm Cable Kickback/Close Grip Cable Row - To help define that horseshoe, I bend at the waist and grab a cable with a palms up grip, lock my elbow to the side of my body and kickback.  Then Close Grip Cable Rows really get my forearms, biceps, rear delts and back pumped up.

Followed by some Forearms, Calves, rowing, biking, Versa Climbing and stretching, it was time to call it a day.  Later that evening and the next day my rear delts were SCREAMING from all the chins, rowing and cardio rowing.  Remember, if you're sore the next day it's a good thing.  2nd day soreness? Not so much.

Have you checked out the lateral deltoid lately?

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