Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Grudgement Day: Twitter Beef aka Just Say No to Thinspo

or AKA Tweef! AKA VienDammage breaks the internet, again.

Had my first Tweef! (Twitter Beef) this week with a local dining establishment that provided some horrible service on my initial and final patronage.  Basically, a delivery order was delayed and instead of actually telling me or the online service they just let me wait.  I called to get an update they said it was out for delivery and should be there soon.  Since I only live 2 miles away you'd think quick would be quick.  30 minutes go by and I call again but no one answers.  Twice.  What's next?  I go to the internets to say I had a horrible experience so others can avoid my fate of waiting 90 minutes for a soggy and lukewarm order.  The online service apologized but not a peep from the actual perpetrators at fault.  2 weeks later they respond.  Do they ask what happened?  Nope, they hit me with a surprisingly immature knee jerk reaction which I promptly responded to and off we went.  Since I did nothing wrong and had my facts, there wasn't a reason to go the simple insult route like they did.  Finally they said I was lying about calling so I went ahead and grabbed a snippet from my phone bill that shows the date and 2 times I tried calling without answer.  That seemed to shut them up but I wasn't done, I wanted to make sure the online service knew what kind of clown shoes establishment they were representing and that I would never, knowingly use their service again.  They responded pretty quickly and apologized but we're way past that.  Part of me wants to reply again and ask if the establishment has anything else to say but I guess that could be viewed as instigating.

Today I saw that former Man VS Food host Adam Richman got himself into hot water over some comments made on the ol' internets.  Richman has lost 70 pounds since his days as host of a show that finds him taking on local eating challenges and is living a new, healthier lifestyle.  Like anyone proud of themselves, Richman posted something bragging about his weight loss but tagged it "Thinspiration" and people took offense, he didn't help himself by telling people to go kill themselves.  His new show is now on hiatus.  Thinspo, I think, is some movement of knobby kneed, insecure women who post about how no meal is as good as being skinny or better skinny and hungry than fat, etc.  It's a two way street when it comes to weight these days.  If you're skinny or fat and happy, who cares.  If you're either of those and unhappy, well, here comes the boom boom boom.  As a former chubby kid, it literally boils down to personal will and education.  Want to lose weight?  Make better eating choices and be more active.  It's really that simple.  If your weight doesn't define you then even better, keep living like a rational adult and forget about these first world problems.  End of the day nobody's going to do it for you so if you're unhappy, do something about it.  Dammaged Goods does not support thinspirational but I do advocate ripspiration as getting in shape is equal parts physical and mental.  Remember what Jack LaLanne said, Nutrition is Queen and Fitness is King, together they form a Kingdom.  Of Ripspiration! And you know what's really cool?  Being cool with yourself!

A friend told me I broke the internet once when I asked a rude user where they lived and if they wanted to meet and say things to my face.  That person never responded again.  But hey, if you won't say it, don't type it.  #EndCyberBullying.  With my Twitter victory, I'll go ahead and say I broke the internet one more time.  See ya later and stay positive.

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